Thursday, October 1, 2015

iPads in the Classroom

Do you sign up for workshops during your summer break?  

I never use to sign up for workshops, because I didn't have a babysitter to watch my babies at home........  But now, I have a teenager! Gotta love the built in babysitter!

So... I decided to sign up  for a few workshops my district was hosting at our high school, I loved them!

Last Summer, I went to iPads in the Classroom.  I have always wanted an iPad for my classroom, but have never been lucky enough to get one.  But I signed up for the workshop with the hopes that one day I would get one and then I would have the knowledge and expertise to use it in my classroom!

Well, I walked in and our wonderful presenter gave each of us an iPad for our classroom!  I was so excited and sad at the same time! I had wished my other Kindergarten team mates were at this workshop with me!

 Our presenter gave us a chance to play with our iPad and then she asked us to do some research. Wow! There is a lot of information about the iPad in the elementary classroom! Just Google it yourself and you will be amazed! 

They were a wonderful addition to my classroom this past school year!  

To learn how to set up and how to make the most of my iPads, I went straight to Sharing Kindergarten.  She has some wonderful tutorials how to use iPads in your classroom! You have to check out her iPads 101 blog post! I had to get her  iPads 101 pack to save my sanity and help organize my classroom iPads! 

A few of my favorite apps are:
(I have not been paid in any way to talk about these apps. I use these in my classroom and just love them!)
The kids can not get enough of this app! It did cost me $1.99, but has been a great app for learning numbers and patterns!

 This is another app that is awesome! It works on letters and phonics!  Since I mainly teach math and science, my kids use this as a fun bonus activity! (Which makes them want to play it more!) Again, it cost me $1.99, but is worth it!

This will help your class with beginning place value! This app is free!

This is another free app!
It really helps with counting!

This app is also free!
It is great to help with counting!
The Ten Frame flashes on the screen and they have to press the correct number. You can set how long it flashes and how long they have to answer.

Of course, iPads can be used for so much more than learning games! It is great for my students to take a picture of their work and, when I have time, look over it and check their level of understanding in their station. 

It is also a great way for the students to show their creativity! Just ask them to video themselves! You will see their creative sides come out!

Well, that is all for now!  I am working on a post about getting the wiggles out!  I purchased some amazing wobble chairs and I can't wait to tell you more about them! They are saving my sanity this school year!!! 



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