Monday, January 20, 2014


I am tired, but I wanted to share this awesome quote!  I had an amazing day, and I hope you did too! I hope to share more soon! :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Getting ready for Kindergarten! {freebie included!}

I am so sorry I have been away so long! 

My kids, classroom, husband, activities... have been really keeping me busy this year!  In my last post I mentioned I wanted to really spend more time with my family and I have to say I have truly been doing just that!  I love spending time with my two beautiful children and I think they are really loving the extra attention! Time flies and I am trying to soak it all up before they fly away (I have a high school freshman and it seems like these years are flying away!) 

Speaking of flying away.... 

Has this school year been flying by for you?  It has for me! I can not believe January is half over! It won't be long and my school will be discussing preregistration for Kindergarten for next year! 

With that in mind, I recently had a friend ask what her child needed to know to be ready for Kindergarten in the Fall, (recently I saw this list  and passed it on to my friend... It has some great suggestions).

I am no expert, but I personally think a child needs to know their first and last name and be able to say it if asked. Every year I have at least one child that may know their first name, but not their last name, (It would also be great if they could write their first name).

I also suggest they work on fine motor skills! My school has a list that I am sharing with you, {click here to grab this freebie}.

Some more suggestions to help with fine motor skills are:
* Grab a pipe cleaner and have your child make a bracelet by adding fruit loops (and they can learn about patterning while they add the colors)
* Use clothes pins and have your child open it and clip some papers together or put that clip on their favorite snack bag or finding letters in a magazine. (this is great to work their little finger and hand muscles!)
* Grab a spray bottle and have your child spray water on the plants outside! 
* Grab some play dough or clay and roll it out to make letters, numbers and shapes (they could even roll it out into a strip and cut it to work on their cutting skills)

I have a play dough station in my classroom and my students LOVE it!   If you would like some play dough mats for your classroom, my packet, I Can Read the Alphabet, has some play dough mats included in the packet.   But, right now, Educents has included my packet in a bundle! You can purchase it, and  many other awesome products, at a reduced price!  I just got mine and am so excited about using it! 

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Be sure to grab this freebie! I will keep it free on my blog for a while, but will eventually put it in my TpT store!  If you love it, please leave me a note!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Currently January 2014 and Family time!

Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited about this year!
I am ready for a fresh start!
I began exercising again this morning and it felt great!  I used this DVD and boy did I sweat!

I am trying to eat healthier too!  But I did eat my black eyed peas, sausage, rice, cornbread and cabbage today! Not too bad though, right?

I am linking up with Farley for her Currently!

Listening: to college football.  This is our New Year's tradition.  All day long - bowl games!

Loving: family time with my husband and kids! I love this extra time with them! Playing games, watching movies, sleeping in... I love the holidays!
(And did you see the Aggie's play in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl last night? Wow!! What a way to end 2013! Amazing!!!)

Thinking: I have my Christmas boxes, they just need to be moved to the attic... but football is on! I guess tomorrow is another day! :)

Wanting: more time at home with my kids! I love this time with them! 

Needing: to really do a deep cleaning of my house! (I never really did enjoy dusting!)

Memory: This year was the second year my whole family went to Christmas Eve candlelight service together! I love it! It is so beautiful and really helps my family remember what the holiday is all about!

Only a few more days at home, then we go back. I love this family time! When do you go back?

Speaking of family...

I am also linking up with Blog Hoppin'

 I love my family! This is one of my favorite pictures:
I really want to spend more time with them this year! Playing games with my two kids, practicing ball with my boy, reading to him at night, family dinners at home, singing with them.... 

We took a trip together last summer, so I am not sure we will take a big trip again this year, but just a weekend together camping would be fine with me!  And I really need to plan that now, while it is still cool in Texas! I hate camping when it's hot! 

I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!!

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