Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently December and Cyber Monday!

I hope you can forgive me I have been away so long! My kids have been keeping me super busy, not to mention school! I am so sorry! I have been taking lots of pictures of my classroom and will post them soon!  I am working on getting my life more organized! It has been so CRAZY!! 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!! I can't believe it is December 1st! Today would have been my grandmother's birthday! This is a special month for me - both of my grandmothers and my mother share this month as their birth month.  They are all my angels in heaven now, but I still love celebrating their lives!

So, I am linking up with Farley's Currently

Listening: to the Texans play the Patriots! This is an awesome game! We love football in my house! Especially College football! Did you watch all the great match up games Thanksgiving Saturday? I caught some of the games {We spent most of the day driving home from seeing family!} and we listened on the radio to the others! All I can say is WOW!

Loving: that the Texas weather has been so much cooler! I love it! It actually feels like the holidays!

Thinking: that I need to make my Christmas cards! I need to get this done!!!

Wanting: to take some cute pictures of my kids for the cards! I do this every year and this year they do not want to do it! Oh boy! I may have to play the Santa card! 

Needing: to finish Christmas shopping! I have barely started, so I am a bit panicked this year! 

Favorite Tradition: Every year my siblings and I get together and make our mother's Italian Christmas cookies! {Cuccidati - you can click here or here or here to read more about the Sicilian-Italian cookie - these are not my mother's recipes, but they do sound good!}

 And, have you heard?  TpT is having a Cyber Monday sale!!! I have put my store on sale! Just click the picture to head to my store
Thank you Maria from Kinder Craze for sharing your cute button!
Happy Monday! and if you are shopping, Happy Shopping!


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Currently November!

Ok.... Am I the only one that can not believe it is November???  Where has this year gone?  It must be flying because every Monday I wish for Friday so I can snuggle and have fun with my own babies!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my class, but I ADORE the weekends to play with my own children! And this weekend Texas is having the perfect Fall weather to play outside with my kids!

I am linking up with Farley for her November Currently!

Listening: to college football!  This is a Saturday staple in my house!

Loving: this cool weather! Can't believe it is finally Fall in Texas! I am hoping it lasts!

Thinking: I can't believe Christmas is only 7 weeks away and I haven't even begun to shop!

Wanting: to go to the movies! There are so many movies I want to see! I think my daughter and I may have a date for tonight! :)

Needing: to do some housework! Laundry, vacuuming,..... I guess it's not going to do itself!  {I guess I should do some before the movies!} 

Yummy Pin: Yum Yum Chicken!
  This is my husband's grandmother's recipe and it is a great Fall casserole!  Super hearty!  I just love Plain Chicken!   If you have not visited her, please do! You will not be disappointed! I make recipes from her blog all the time and they are all delicious! Click {here} for another delicious pin - Chicken Ranch Pasta! Yum!

 I love to cook! And I love new recipes!  
{Check out my Recipe board on Pinterest!}
So, What are your plans for this weekend? I hope a little bit of fun is included in those plans! 
Happy weekend!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

I am joining Crystal of Kreative in Kinder's link up party!  

I love Kindergarten! They always say the cutest things!  Here are a few from my Kinders and one from my own daughter when she was 2:

Now, it's your turn! Go link up with Kreative in Kinder and share your classroom funnies!

And if you love clip art.... Here is a clip art deal that you won't want to miss!

I also want to share an amazing giveaway {and love for Moore, Oklahoma!}

Mrs. Hoffer's Spot is giving away some beautiful Park Lane jewelry and some items from her store!

But also, there these beautiful necklaces for only $30 (a $68 value) and all the proceeds will benefit Moore, Oklahoma! Go enter and help her help Oklahoma!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Math with a little Mingle {with a Smart Board freebie!}

My class has been working hard on number sense and I have been looking into everything I can find to help them.

So, when I came across the Mingle & Count Game, I became so excited!

Have you heard of it? We have been playing for a few weeks and my class begs for it!

I altered the game just a bit from the video, (here is a picture of my Smart Board)

If you don't have time to watch the video, here is a little bit of how to play...

First, we come to the rug and discuss the rules
(our rules... 1. Be kind.   2. Once you are with a group, stay with your group.  3. Help your friends problem solve.). 

Next, we all give ourselves a hug and I say "Mingle" and they walk around the room saying "mingle, mingle, mingle..."  

Now I say a random number (for example - 2).  And they gather in to groups of 2.  If there is ever a student who can't find a partner, it is so cute to watch the students say "Jennifer, Krista needs a partner!"  They are so good about helping each other out and helping each other problem solve!

Now I walk around and ask the class "Is this a good group of 2?"   I continue to do this with all the groups. Of course when I ask if the remainder is a good group of 2, they tell me no and I write the number in the remainder column.

Now we count how many groups of 2 and write that on the board. Then we add up our groups and add in our remainder to get our total.

If you have an odd man out (our remainder), the next time they get to quack like a duck! (or hop like a frog, or whatever you decide!) Sometimes I think a few of my students want to be the remainder just so they can quack like a duck!  

They are moving, talking and having fun, all while they are learning! What could be better!

Do you have a Smart Board? Would you like a copy to play with your class? Just click {here}
and grab your copy! 
{Update October 23, 2013:  I am so sorry - I am not sure what happened - but I have fixed the link! So you can grab it now! Thank you for your patience!} 

If you play it with your class, I would love to hear about it! 

Leave me a note and let me know what you think!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quick Flash Sale from TpT!

Thanks to Shuna of Pocket Full of Kinders for this cute artwork!
Did you hear? Teachers pay Teachers Facebook page received 100,000 likes! To celebrate, they are giving an extra 10% off until 12:01 am Oct. 14th! Here is their message:

"100,000 likes on Facebook? Yes, we're celebrating right now! Enter code FB100K at checkout for 10% off including sale items. What's on your wish list? Ends when the date flips to 10/14."

To help celebrate, I put my store on sale for 20% off!  Want to shop?  The Freebielicious gals are linking up their stores! Just click on the picture below to see who else has their awesome store on sale and grab some goodies for your classroom!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Five for Friday {Oops! Sunday} and Currently!

Today was the best weather day! 
It finally felt like Fall!
Yay for cool Texas weather!

This weekend flew by and I am a little behind, but I wanted to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and Oh' Boy Fourth Grade and Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie Friday!

First... I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching 

Ooh Baby Designs
I love my new teacher tote!
I especially love that it's reversible!


 Even though last week it didn't 
feel like Fall in Texas,
we made these cute Fall trees! 
{tearing the paper was great for fine motor skills!}

Kreative in Kinder's Here's What Matters! unit

 We have been learning about different textures this week!
Kreative in Kinder's unit has been sooo awesome!
(and so cute!)
My class loved every bit of her pack!

Primary Graffiti's All About Me Freebie
 My class has been getting to know each other 
and Primary Graffiti's All About Me Freebie 
has been a huge help!
I sent it home and received almost 
every one of them back!
My little class is very social this year, 
so they loved this activity!

Growing Kinder's Daily Calendar
My Kinders started their October Daily Calendar
pack from Growing Kinders 
and they are doing great!

Now on to Farley's Currently....

We are Listening to the Texans play the 49ers! 

I am Loving the cooler weather that the front brought in today! I actually wore a sweater to church this morning! Woo Hoo!

I am Thinking that my kids need pants for this week and I really should be doing some laundry!

I am Wanting a night out with my husband! 
We haven't gone a "date" in sooo long!

I am Needing to go grocery shopping! 
We are out of almost everything!

Trick or Treat! 
And if you read all the way to the bottom of this long post, you deserve a little treat!  I hope you can use it!

Font and artwork from DJ Inkers

I am linking up with 

Freebie Fridays

Click on the picture to grab some more great freebies!

Now it's your turn! 
Go link up!
Have a Happy Monday! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Happy October!

Tammy at Dots of Fun!  Made this great badge in  honor of her sister!

I wanted to share it in hopes you or someone you know will get checked this month!
It could save a life!

I also wanted to remind you of my great ghost freebie I have if you need it!

Happy October!
{Here's to hoping Texas gets some great Fall weather soon!}

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Peek Back and What's up Next!

Wow!  Last Monday was our 20th day of school!
Time is flying - but I am an exhausted Teacher/Mama/Wife! 

Anyone else exhausted?  And I have sooo much to do!  

So, I will be going in this weekend to try to get some things done - because there is just not enough time during the school week!

Here are some pictures of things we did this past week:

Monday was our 20th day and Zero the Hero left my students some great surprises!   {I love this packet from Kreative in Kinder! It has the cutest Zero the Hero ideas! If you haven't started Zero the Hero - it's not too late!}

He left some Cheerios! {Apple because they learned the letter A this week!}

 He also left this cute puppet on each student's desk!

{Finished product! So cute!}

We also did a great Apple graph!
(sorry for the pictures being turned sideways!)

 We tasted green, red and yellow apples!
And graphed our favorites!
We also used our five senses!
And we talked about the properties of the apples!
(size, color, shape, texture)

  I can't remember where I found this graph! If you know, please leave me the link so I can give proper credit!

 We also learned about the number 7!
They colored an apple tree and 
then painted 7 red fingerprints on their tree!

Now, for a peek at next week:
{We have to do our plans in a district based program, so I am giving you a snap shot of the items I will be using next week}

We always love watching Have Fun Teaching,  Harry Kindergarten and KidsTV123! 


background from
font from 

 I am linking with Mrs. Wills for my first ever


if you haven't entered
It ends  Oct. 1st!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to School and a Giveaway!

Have you started school yet?  I know some of you start today and if so, Welcome back! I hope you have a great first day!!!

And, if you are already in the school mode, I hope it is going great!

I started last Monday {August 26} and am exhausted!  It was a GREAT week! Now, I just need to get my body back into School mode! {That means going to bed at a reasonable time so I can wake up at 5:00am...I know I can! I know I can!}

My new batch of little Kinders were Great!!!  I have the sweetest class - or should I say classes!{In case you are new to my blog... my school has departmentalized Kindergarten.... I am only teaching Math and Science this year.... and it is a big change for me!}

I have been trying to get myself more organized this school year and that means I want a new school bag to help me! 

This Summer I saw this bag....

I am in Love!!!  I love Chevron and Polka Dots! I Must Have This Bag!  

Would you  like to win it?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be contacted and will have 48 hours to respond to my email.  If the winner does not contact me within 48 hours, they will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be chosen!

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