Saturday, May 25, 2013

End of Year Behavior and Patriotic Craft!

Wow!!!  What a year! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my class!  They are the sweetest class!!!  I am sooooo going to miss them! We only have a few days left and when they give me sweet notes, I just tear up knowing I am going to miss them!!!
But this time of year, even the sweetest students can turn a little “cray cray”!
I took my daughter last week to the Taylor Swift Concert! It was AMAZING!!!  If you have never seen her in concert,  you must go! She is an awesome entertainer!!!
Do you see how she is floating?

At the concert I picked up the cutest light up stick for my daughter and I to use at the concert.  I thought when I came back to school I would use it as a cute pointer, but this idea has been even better!

 I turn the stick on and put it in the middle of the quietest table. 

Wow!!! I cannot believe how my class goes from super loud to super quiet in a snap! 

They all want it on their table {but who can blame them! The colors change from green, to red to yellow to blue and it is so pretty to look at!} 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I never mind my class talking, but right now I am report card testing and DRA reading testing and I need a little quiet so I can hear the students (They know they can still whisper, as long as it does not get loud).

Whichever table has it at the end of the day gets a surprise reward. {On Friday it was an M&M, but some days it is a sticker for their Wow! Behavior Chart or a smelly dot on their hand or a sticker for their shirt, just whatever is easy!} 
On Friday, we learned about Memorial Day and what the holiday really means.
My students made a craft they could take home and help their families remember the reason for this special holiday.
One of the teachers on our Kindergarten team found this cute craft and shared it with our team.
These Memorial Day wreaths are really cute and my class was  having the best time making them! But, before I knew it, they  began to get a little loud. I just pulled out the stick and the loud behavior became instant peace – all I heard was the sound of scissors! 
These wreaths are adorable and they loved making them!
{Want the link to make them in your classroom? Click here}

This is one of my sweeties working on their wreath!

 This is a few of the finished wreaths!
Aren't they adorable?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
And take some time to remember
what the weekend is really all about!

Need some more patriotic ideas?
Debbie Clements of Rainbows Within Reach
has some great ideas!
And she has an amazing book!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Easy Parent Gift! {Glitter Included!}

Wow! This month is flying by (and so is this year!) I can hardly believe we are nearing the end of school! My class made a super easy gift for their Mom's - but it would be great for Dad's too!

Supplies you will need:
*glitter {a must in Kindergarten!}
*glitter pom poms
*a paper plate
*a 2 liter bottle (full of your favorite drink - we used Dr. Pepper!)
*white construction paper (one sheet for each child)
*green construction paper  (two 3 x 9" piece for each child)

After you pour the paint on the paper plate, take the 2 liter bottle (the prettiest flowers are if the bottle is brand new and full) and dip the bottom in paint.

Next, pick it up out of the paint and put it on the paper.
Voila! A beautiful flower!
Now, before it dries, sprinkle some glitter on the paint - Pretty!

Let dry several hours.
Now give your students one piece of green construction paper.

Have them trim a stem for each flower (we had two, so they cut off two stems). Have them glue it under the flower.

Next, have them cut out leaves out of the green paper.

Now, you can have them use the leftover green paper and trim it up and use as grass (I had them cut small slits at the top to look like grass) or you can give them a new piece of green construction paper to glue down for the grass.  

Next, you will want to hot glue on the glitter pom pom

If you used a large piece of construction paper and folded in half, they make great cards!

I love that every picture was unique to the child!

I hope you can use this idea in your home or classroom!

Leave me a note letting me know how you plan to use this idea {or tuck it away for next year!}

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Tea {freebie included!}

I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day!

I had so much fun playing games and the Wii with my two awesome kids! They made me cards and took me to lunch!
I love my sweeties! I feel so blessed to be their Mom!

I always have a Mother's Day Tea to celebrate Mom's! My class had their Mother's Day Tea on Friday! It was so much fun!

First, let me show you pictures from {Mother's Day Tea 2012}:

I used A Cupcake for the Teacher craft to make our place mat

These are our Mother's Day Cards

We used HeidiSongs directions to draw our Mom

Here are pictures from this year {Mother's Day Tea 2013}:

I used Pink Bulletin Board paper and tied a bow using Pink Tulle for our chair covers

I used a white paper bag and stapled a cute drawing
of their Mom to make their gift bags
{click here to get the freebie from Simply Kinder}

We use HeidiSongs directions to draw our Mom
and I made this freebie for them to write about their Mom
{click here to get this freebie - you can tuck it away for next year}

My class sang the song I Love Mommy
{to the tune of Are You Sleeping}

This year's Mother's Day cards

I sent home a few cookies for my Kinder's to have
a party of their own at home with their Mom!
The labels are from Kinder Craze!

One of our local stores gave away these cute Brighton boxes,
so I die cut hearts and had my sweeties write
Hugs and Kisses and I filled with a few Kisses!
The labels are from Kinder Craze's Mother's Day Tea Party Pack
I love that it's editable!

Here is their plate of goodies!
Aren't they adorable!
I didn't have time to use ribbon on them, so I put Velcro dots on the handles to keep them closed.

We glittered them!
We LOVE glitter!

These cute signs are from Kinder Craze's pack!

I hope you got some great ideas!
Feel free to pin and save for next year!

Make sure you follow me ~
I have a great craft coming up on my next post!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Love for My Students and Mother's Day!

I can't believe this year is nearing the end!

I love my class! They are the sweetest! They hug me and tell me they love me all day! They gush compliments "I love your hair!" or "I love your shirt!" - they are the sweetest!

And they love each other! They help each other all the time! And they love to hug each other!

Well, one of my sweeties brought me this today:

You can't see, but tucked into the cup was some smarties! :)

This was the best Teacher Appreciation gift! Pretty flowers from her yard and a sweet note! I love it!!! :)

Tomorrow is our Mother's Day Tea! I am so excited! My kinders have been working so hard on so many cute items for their Mom!

I will share more on my next post... but here is a peek at one of their cute items from Miss Kindergarten:

Glitter makes everything so much prettier!

My classroom is all decorated!
I used the cute Mother's Day Tea pack from Kinder-Craze!

I will be back to show you more!

Happy Friday! :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Last year I made my son's Kinder teacher a cute M&M jar and I had to make my son's First Grade teacher one too!
She is amazing!
He loves her so much!
{he isn't crazy about first grade work - but he LOVES his teacher!}
His teacher is a Mom and she treats all her students like they were hers - so sweet and caring!
Teachers work sooo hard to make sure their students learn everything, while making sure their needs are met!
Teaching is such a hard job - so I wanted to make sure she felt appreciated this week!

If you want the labels for the jar you can visit my TpT store and pick them up here and read more about them here (I blogged about them last year with all the how-to information!)

and don't forget!
Tomorrow and Wednesday
Sale time!!!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you!
I hope you enjoy this week
{and remember TpT is having a great sale!}
On Tuesday May 7th and Wednesday May 8th you can save up to 28% using code TAD13 don't forget to use the code at check out -
I would hate for you to not get the full discount!
Click the picture below to head to my store!

This cute button is from

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Newest Literacy Station, a Sale and a freebie!

My sweet Kinder students have really been busy, busy, busy learning how to sound out words. Some of my students have it down and others are having a little struggle with this concept.
We have been having "spelling" tests to help them {They love it when I tell them they are taking a first grade spelling test! They feel so big! It is so cute to see their smiles!} 

To help them with this concept,  I made this little CVC "Spelling Test" freebie that I thought I'd share with you. The hard hat is for the vowel. We use ZooPhonics in my classroom and we learn that the vowel is a hard worker, so the hard hat! This helps them remember to put the vowel in the middle. {If you like this, please leave me a little note letting me know how you plan to use it with your students!}

Here is a picture of one of my students in the station:

My students did so awesome! They adore this station!
They even like to play it during free choice time!
I have a list of CVC words and one of them pretends to be the teacher.

Here is a picture of the cool dry erase pockets I use!
I love all the colors!
I got mine from 
{click Here if you want to check them out for your classroom}
They are so colorful and well worth the money!
If they get a little dirty, I just clean them up with a little Expo Cleaner and they are like new!
And they are super durable - My Kinders are really rough on them and they are really holding up!
I love them!!!

The cute markers and erasers are from Target's Dollar Spot last summer!

And Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you! I hope you enjoy this week {and remember TpT is having a great sale!}
On Tuesday May 7th and Wednesday May 8th you can save up to 28% using code TAD13 don't forget to use the code at check out -
I would hate for you to not get the full discount!
Click the picture below to head to my store!

This cute button is from

** Disclosure:  I received the awesome dry erase packets from for free to review on my blog. All opinions are purely my own! I really do love them!

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