Thursday, August 25, 2011


My wonderful little class joined me on Monday. Wow! What a day! Tuesday was a better day. Wednesday flew by without incident. Today is Thursday, can't wait to see what it brings! I have been out of the blog world for a little while, hopefully I can get caught up this weekend (along with my sleep!)  Happy Thursday! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Am I crazy over buying a pencil sharpener? Yes! Today only has  the Stanley Bostitch QuietSharp6(TM) Classroom Pencil Sharpener With 6-holes And Quiet Motor in Blue on sale for $18.99! Our pencil sharpener died last year and I broke down and purchased a cheap one. Can't wait to get this new one!!!! So excited!  Here is the link for the Gold Box deal! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Have you heard....????

Have you heard about the giveaways lately?????  I am super excited! You could win some great back to school prizes!

Kindergarten Kiosk
 Is giving away the Harvest Unit: Apples, Potatoes and Pumpkins.  And if you blog about their giveaway, they will send you a wonderful football themed homework packet! Who couldn't use some help this time of year????

Next, Did you hear about the Great Big Giveaway from Deanna Jump, Erica Bohrer, Babbling Abby, Melissa Freshwater, and Alessia Albanese? Head over to Mrs. Albanese's blog to find out how to enter! Good Luck!!! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maggie's Kinder Corner

Maggie's Kinder Corner Blog is trying to get 200 followers. Let's help her out! And guess what.... She is giving away some fabulous goodies!  Don't just love a giveaway?! 5 lucky followers will win her four CCSS Math Journals and August-January Calendar Journals.  How awesome is that?!  So head on over and follow her and then enter her giveaway! Good Luck! :)

Everybody is a Winner!!!!

Teacher Tam is giving everyone who visits her site a $5 or less item from her TpT store! How cool is that! And one lucky winner will win everything in her TpT store!  You only have until midnight, so you better hurry and check her out! :) Good Luck! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Colorful ideas!

I have always LOVED going back to school!  I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a teacher, because I loved school!   I love the crayons and scissors and glue! I really love going and buying all the new school supplies!  I especially love new crayons!  There is just something about opening up a box of new crayons and coloring with them for the first time. The picture is just so much prettier to me!  So, when I came across the new, cute blog, I was super excited!  

Cole's Little Pups has some adorable posters she has made! If you head over to her blog, she will even share them with you! What a sweet teacher! :)

(Thank you Barbara for the help! :)

This time of year just makes me super happy! :)  I hope you have a wonderful back to school!  Teachers go back next Tuesday, August 16th and my Meet the Teacher is Thursday, August 18th. Our first day is Monday, August 22nd.  So excited for this school year to begin! It is going to be a great year! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank you for the Giveaways!!!

A Big Thank you!!! You made my day.... no my Week!

I came home today from cleaning my classroom... Did I mention I had a mouse living there all Summer? Did I mention he did some major mess to every area of my classroom! Anyway... back to happy thoughts!....
Anyway, I came home and what did I find at my door... Two wonderful prizes!

Thank you to Oh The Places We'll Go - Mrs. Dillard First Grade for the Bucket! My class is going to be the best Bucket Fillers this year thanks to you! :)

And Thank you to Teaching Heart Mom for this Heavenly book!

Cleaning the rest of the week is not going to be so bad! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I would hug you if I could! You have really made my week! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Camp Kindergarten!

Camp Kindergarten is giving away some of her wonderful products from her Teacher's Notebook store. I love her store! If you haven't been there, go check it out!

Do you read The Kissing Hand? She has a great packet to go along with it! How about the Five Little Monkeys? She is so creative! Visit her blog and enter the giveaway and then check out her store! Good Luck! :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hooray for a new Giveaway!

Little Warriors and Mrs. Wills Kindergarten are giving away some fabulous back to school prizes! They have teamed up to give away some of Mrs. Wills wonderful TpT products! Gotta love that!!!  Are you ready for back to school? Well, one lucky winner will be after they win these fabulous prizes! The giveaway ends August 13th, so you better act fast! Good luck and Happy Back to School! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Giveaway!

Jackie Gray of Here we Go Loopty Loo! is giving away one of Dee Dee Wills fabulous items from her TpT store and she is giving away a copy of The More Ways You Teach, The More Students You Reach.  And - if she gets 200 followers she will give a third prize away! (She is getting really close!)  Wow!  What great prizes! So go enter, follow her blog and help her cute blog out!   Good Luck! :)

Birthday Party!

It's Cindy's birthday and Fran started the week by throwing her a party and she is continuing the party with a giveaway! Woo Hoo! I love a party - especially when there are goodies! :) She is giving away 12 items (and Fran already gave away 2 cute freebies, so there are 14!) and you could win them! So head on over to her site and Good Luck! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stamp Giveaway!

Can Do Kinders

Can Do Kinders is giving away some wonderful stampers - uppercase and lowercase alphabet stamps and numeral stamps. What a great resource for your classroom! Think about the possibilities... They can stamp their letters and match capitals to lowercase. They can stamp their sight words. They can stamp their name. They can stamp their friend's name. They can stamp the name of their school, city, state. Then they can stamp their address. They can stamp addition, subtraction problems.  Wow! The possibilities are endless! So head on over and Good Luck! :)

A Reader Giveaway!

The Moffatt Girls

The Moffatt Girls are giving away 30 Beginning Readers from Teacher Tam! 10 books from Set 1 - Preschool to Kindergarten; 10 books from Set 2 - Kindergarten to First Grade; and 10 books from set 3 - First Grade. You don't want to miss this giveaway! If you are a teacher or a parent, this giveaway is for you! Head on over and Good Luck! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

New TpT Store with Giveaway and Freebie!

Second Grade Shenanigans is having a giveaway for starting her new TpT store and to celebrate her first bloggy unit!   She is even so sweet as to share something just for blogging about her giveaway!

Lakeshore and Target Shopping Spree!

Well, I finally hit the Target Dollar Spot - Woo Hoo!!! Got some great things! I found the Capital Alphabet Stampers and Number Stampers, ink pads and pocket charts. Gotta Love Target!

Next I headed to Lakeshore for their back to school sale! Another Woo Hoo!!!! 20% off the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree! 20 % off all their stamps and stamp pads! I also had a  Buy one item, get the 2nd for 50% off coupon - Yay!!! So I bought a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Game and some wonderful foam dice for my class to use!
I am so excited! Now, to organize and use my new goodies in my classroom! I decided to make some Roll, Write and Stamp pages for my class to use.  I know we all are a little cash strapped by now, so I am sharing these for free (and because I don't have a TpT store!)  

The first page is for beginners, the second page is a little harder and the last page is more challenging.  The fourth page goes with page 2 and 3. You will need to copy page 4 for the students that use those pages and then they cut out the dice and put them in order at the bottom of pages 2 and 3.  I made them in word then saved them as a .pdf file, so if you can't open it, please let me know!   I hope you like it, and if you do, Leave me some love! I love all your comments! :) 

Roll Stamp and Write (dice)

Until next time, enjoy what Summer you have left! :)

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