Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TPT Giveaway at Teacher Tam!

Have you visited Teacher Tam's blog? Have you visited her stores? She is amazing! I love her readers and her games and cut and glue sight word sentences! She is very talented! And guess what? She is giving away a $25 gift certificate to one lucky follower!  How cool!!!! I know I would LOVE to win! Why don't you head on over to her blog and enter now! The giveaway ends Wednesday, Sept. 21st at 10pm CST, so hurry!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Kindergarten Korner
Sarah at Kindergarten Korner has the cutest monthly writing words charts. You can check them out at her Teachers Notebook store. But if you are fast, you can enter for your chance to win them! She is giving away a few of them, so hurry and enter! Good Luck!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Teaching Heart Blog Giveaway!

Colleen at Teaching Heart Blog is giving away over $175 worth of teaching giveaways! Wow!
And guess what? There is going to be more than one winner! How cool is that? So several people will win prizes! Gotta love that! :) You have until September 28th, but why wait? Go ahead and click on the link above! Her products are wonderful and you won't want to miss this one! She also has some really cute freebies! Love the apple daubers freebie!
Good Luck!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

50 Followers Hooray!

Wow! I have 50 followers! I would love to do a giveaway... I will have to do some research to figure out how to set all that up! Any tips appreciated! :)

Speaking of giveaway....

Can Do Kinders
Is giving away a DJ Inkers gift certificate! But you better hurry on over, you only have until Saturday!
and speaking of Saturday...
I can not wait!  I registerd for the Teaching Blog expo! I can't wait to learn all the tricks to blogging! :)
Have a great Thursday and Friday!  Saturday I plan on staying in my comfy clothes at my computer! (Let's see how this goes on Saturday when my 6 year old wants to play games...)
Happy Days! :)

Have Fun Teaching!

Have Fun Teaching Website

Have you seen their songs yet on YouTube?  I showed my class their Alphabet Song and now they beg me all day to play it! This week we are exploring the Letter Mm, so I played the Mm song. Whoa! I was blown away! My students ate it up! It talks about how Mm is a consonant, it jazzes up the sound Mm makes and it sings about sky writing the letter Mm. It is great to help get the wiggles out or as a great brain break, but it is also great for another learning concept. I have always believed music is a great way to learn and this is such a fun, happy way to learn the letters!

They even have a blog:  http://blog.havefunteaching.com/

Check them out and then play them for your class - I promise they will move, groove and shake and everyone will be all smiles! :) Have Fun Teaching! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kreative in Kinder Giveaway!

Kreative in Kinder

I know I shouldn't blog twice in one day... but I couldn't help myself! Kreative in Kinder is giving away some of her fabulous products! If you go now, you can check out her adorable blog and then head to her Teacher's Notebook Store store and check out her wonderful products! Have fun! :)

Letters for names

Maggie posted the cutest apple name activity! She inspired me to create the attached alphabet letters to use with her apple! Thanks Maggie! :)
Letters for Name Apple

Well, I did have a different font, but it didn't upload right :(  I uploaded it as a word doc so you should be able to change the font. Enjoy! :)

(Just in case Scribd doesn't work for you.... here it is in Google Docs)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Classroom Job Helpers Wanted!

Wanted:  Classroom Jobs!

I have always just had a Leader, Caboose, and Door Holder job in my classroom. This year, my class has been ASKING for a daily job. HELP!  I have been trying to research, but am not quite finding what I am looking for in regards to classroom helpers.  I need something easy to change, but fun for the kids.  I think I could change out the jobs once a week (every Monday morning).  My kids love the daily Line Leader, Caboose and Door Holder, but then how to I change these out daily and make all the jobs weekly? And what if a Line Leader and another job overlap, do they do both? I think there was a linky party this summer about this. Does anyone have any help/advice they can offer?  I love the idea, but just not sure how to implement it! I know it would help build community in my classroom and help me in the long run!  Thanks! Looking forward to any and all ideas! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Top Ten

Top 10 TBA

Have you seen Tamara's idea of posting your Top 10 Blogs?
Make sure you check out the original idea at http://www.teachingblogaddict.com/2011/05/top-10.html
I love the idea of passing LOVE to other teachers! Such a wonderful idea!!!

There are so many blogs in blogland that I adore that it is so hard to narrow down my top 10, but here are a few I do love:

She is so creative! I love her readers and sight words packs! She is so giving to all teachers! Check out her blog - she has some great freebies!

The Moffatt Girls

Annie of The Moffatt Girls
Wow! A Mom and a dedicated Blogger! She does so much to help her girls learn and then she helps out all teachers! How she balances it all.... Amazing!

Leslie of Kindergarten Works
Her ideas are amazing! She creates the most amazing centers! Love her creativity!

She has some wonderful ideas! Some wonderful freebies! Have you seen her cool Calendar Journals? I LOVE them!

If you have not heard of Heidi yet, she is AMAZING! My class loves her songs and DVDs! I just love her new Wiggles book! Her songs help get all my little Kinders wiggles out that is for sure!

I have been following Kim for a while now, so when I found her blog I was super excited! Kim and Megan have some wonderful ideas!

Kindergarten Korner
She has some cute cute cute things! Love her sight words book!

Stephanie of Aloha Kindergarten!
Have you seen  her cute blog with her cute ideas? Love her calendars! Love her Poetry Journal!

Ms. Patterson of Pocket Full of Kinders

She is so creative! Have you seen her adorable classroom? And I love her Stretchy Snake Cards? So creative!
 She has some so creative ideas! Love that she keeps me updated on the Michael's coupons! Love her ideas!
Now there are soooo many more Blogs I love! So if I left you off, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't feel left out! Just join the fun and go to TBA's website and play along!
Any blogger can give this award to those that make you smile!

1. Just write a blog post proudly displaying your Top 10. Make sure that they do not already have an award.

2. Contact these bloggers by leaving them a comment with 2 links- a link to your blog's Top 10 post AND this post's link-http://bit.ly/rtHPbL  so they can grab the fantastic award button below.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My heart is touched and I am speechless!!!

Top 10 TBA

My heart is touched and I am completely speechless (and if you ask my husband he will tell you I am never speechless!)    Pam of  Can Do Kinders nominated me for the top 10 blog award! WOW! is all I can say!  I have been so out of it lately and feeling so bad about not blogging lately, and this award has totally motivated me to get with it over this long weekend!

I have not wanted to complain, but my husband has been gone for a week, (so I have been a single mom for a week - whew! I feel for those single mom's now!), my class is super energetic and talkative (been loving all the behaviour/discipline blogs lately - they have so motivated my positive side!), my kids are super involved in activities and homework and I have been completely exhausted!  Whew! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! :) Now, for the positive... (I try 2 positives for every negative.... Wow! Is that 6 or 8 positives I need?)  Anywhoooo..... 

1.  This is going to be a fabulous long, restful weekend! My daughter's fabulous best friend and her family have invited us to the Bay this weekend! (Can't wait to go fishing at the Bay! - I live in Texas!)

2. I have a wonderful holiday - Monday - to get caught up in my classroom and finally organize my Stations! Yay!!! (Thank you to all the wonderful blogs who have been posting their centers and giving me wonderful ideas!)

3. My two children have seen how exhausted I have been and have been pouring LOVE all over me! My 6 year old son tells me constantly "Mommy you are so beautiful" and then kisses me! - He is at my school this year and I get to see him in the hallways throughout the day - Lucky me!!! and My 12 year old daughter gives me a huge hug as soon as she comes to my classroom after school! I am such a lucky Mom!

4. My husband just got home from being gone for a week and went and bought pizza for us for dinner! True Love!!! :)

5. My lesson plans for this 9 weeks are complete! (Now I can focus on getting my Center/Station lesson plans finished on Monday!)

6. My college team (Texas A&M) plays football this weekend!!! Gig'em! Whoop! :)

7. I can't wait to get more ideas by blog stalking this weekend! :)

and lastly....

8.  I have decided to sign up for the Teaching Blog expo!  I am new to blogging, so I really want some tips and how to's to help me be a better blogger!  My husband is not so sure about my "stalking", but I know I am becoming a better teacher because of all these fabulous ideas, so I can't wait to learn more! :)

Thank you Pam!!! Love! Love! Love! :) My face is going to smile all weekend! :)

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