Sunday, May 19, 2013

Easy Parent Gift! {Glitter Included!}

Wow! This month is flying by (and so is this year!) I can hardly believe we are nearing the end of school! My class made a super easy gift for their Mom's - but it would be great for Dad's too!

Supplies you will need:
*glitter {a must in Kindergarten!}
*glitter pom poms
*a paper plate
*a 2 liter bottle (full of your favorite drink - we used Dr. Pepper!)
*white construction paper (one sheet for each child)
*green construction paper  (two 3 x 9" piece for each child)

After you pour the paint on the paper plate, take the 2 liter bottle (the prettiest flowers are if the bottle is brand new and full) and dip the bottom in paint.

Next, pick it up out of the paint and put it on the paper.
Voila! A beautiful flower!
Now, before it dries, sprinkle some glitter on the paint - Pretty!

Let dry several hours.
Now give your students one piece of green construction paper.

Have them trim a stem for each flower (we had two, so they cut off two stems). Have them glue it under the flower.

Next, have them cut out leaves out of the green paper.

Now, you can have them use the leftover green paper and trim it up and use as grass (I had them cut small slits at the top to look like grass) or you can give them a new piece of green construction paper to glue down for the grass.  

Next, you will want to hot glue on the glitter pom pom

If you used a large piece of construction paper and folded in half, they make great cards!

I love that every picture was unique to the child!

I hope you can use this idea in your home or classroom!

Leave me a note letting me know how you plan to use this idea {or tuck it away for next year!}

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