Thursday, May 9, 2013

Love for My Students and Mother's Day!

I can't believe this year is nearing the end!

I love my class! They are the sweetest! They hug me and tell me they love me all day! They gush compliments "I love your hair!" or "I love your shirt!" - they are the sweetest!

And they love each other! They help each other all the time! And they love to hug each other!

Well, one of my sweeties brought me this today:

You can't see, but tucked into the cup was some smarties! :)

This was the best Teacher Appreciation gift! Pretty flowers from her yard and a sweet note! I love it!!! :)

Tomorrow is our Mother's Day Tea! I am so excited! My kinders have been working so hard on so many cute items for their Mom!

I will share more on my next post... but here is a peek at one of their cute items from Miss Kindergarten:

Glitter makes everything so much prettier!

My classroom is all decorated!
I used the cute Mother's Day Tea pack from Kinder-Craze!

I will be back to show you more!

Happy Friday! :)

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