Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Newest Literacy Station, a Sale and a freebie!

My sweet Kinder students have really been busy, busy, busy learning how to sound out words. Some of my students have it down and others are having a little struggle with this concept.
We have been having "spelling" tests to help them {They love it when I tell them they are taking a first grade spelling test! They feel so big! It is so cute to see their smiles!} 

To help them with this concept,  I made this little CVC "Spelling Test" freebie that I thought I'd share with you. The hard hat is for the vowel. We use ZooPhonics in my classroom and we learn that the vowel is a hard worker, so the hard hat! This helps them remember to put the vowel in the middle. {If you like this, please leave me a little note letting me know how you plan to use it with your students!}

Here is a picture of one of my students in the station:

My students did so awesome! They adore this station!
They even like to play it during free choice time!
I have a list of CVC words and one of them pretends to be the teacher.

Here is a picture of the cool dry erase pockets I use!
I love all the colors!
I got mine from 
{click Here if you want to check them out for your classroom}
They are so colorful and well worth the money!
If they get a little dirty, I just clean them up with a little Expo Cleaner and they are like new!
And they are super durable - My Kinders are really rough on them and they are really holding up!
I love them!!!

The cute markers and erasers are from Target's Dollar Spot last summer!

And Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to you! I hope you enjoy this week {and remember TpT is having a great sale!}
On Tuesday May 7th and Wednesday May 8th you can save up to 28% using code TAD13 don't forget to use the code at check out -
I would hate for you to not get the full discount!
Click the picture below to head to my store!

This cute button is from

** Disclosure:  I received the awesome dry erase packets from for free to review on my blog. All opinions are purely my own! I really do love them!

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Elementary special Education said...

Thanks for the freebie! I enjoy teaching CVC words much more than CVCC words.

Elementary Special Education

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