Saturday, May 25, 2013

End of Year Behavior and Patriotic Craft!

Wow!!!  What a year! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my class!  They are the sweetest class!!!  I am sooooo going to miss them! We only have a few days left and when they give me sweet notes, I just tear up knowing I am going to miss them!!!
But this time of year, even the sweetest students can turn a little “cray cray”!
I took my daughter last week to the Taylor Swift Concert! It was AMAZING!!!  If you have never seen her in concert,  you must go! She is an awesome entertainer!!!
Do you see how she is floating?

At the concert I picked up the cutest light up stick for my daughter and I to use at the concert.  I thought when I came back to school I would use it as a cute pointer, but this idea has been even better!

 I turn the stick on and put it in the middle of the quietest table. 

Wow!!! I cannot believe how my class goes from super loud to super quiet in a snap! 

They all want it on their table {but who can blame them! The colors change from green, to red to yellow to blue and it is so pretty to look at!} 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I never mind my class talking, but right now I am report card testing and DRA reading testing and I need a little quiet so I can hear the students (They know they can still whisper, as long as it does not get loud).

Whichever table has it at the end of the day gets a surprise reward. {On Friday it was an M&M, but some days it is a sticker for their Wow! Behavior Chart or a smelly dot on their hand or a sticker for their shirt, just whatever is easy!} 
On Friday, we learned about Memorial Day and what the holiday really means.
My students made a craft they could take home and help their families remember the reason for this special holiday.
One of the teachers on our Kindergarten team found this cute craft and shared it with our team.
These Memorial Day wreaths are really cute and my class was  having the best time making them! But, before I knew it, they  began to get a little loud. I just pulled out the stick and the loud behavior became instant peace – all I heard was the sound of scissors! 
These wreaths are adorable and they loved making them!
{Want the link to make them in your classroom? Click here}

This is one of my sweeties working on their wreath!

 This is a few of the finished wreaths!
Aren't they adorable?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
And take some time to remember
what the weekend is really all about!

Need some more patriotic ideas?
Debbie Clements of Rainbows Within Reach
has some great ideas!
And she has an amazing book!


Elementary special Education said...

Thanks for sharing. Always good to teach kids about patriotism.

Elementary Special Education

Twitter: @Elementary_Sped

Holly said...

Ohhhh, love the light idea - I bet Taylor Swift was fun to watch!!!!

Hugs to ya, chicklet!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

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