Monday, June 10, 2013

We got to Skype with Debbie Clement!

Do you know Debbie Clement of Rainbows Within Reach? She is an awesome singer and author! She has written some amazing songs and books!

So, this little teacher from a small town was asked by this big name singer to Skype with her!!! Of course, after I stopped jumping up and down, said YES!!!

I was beyond excited, but had never Skyped before! Ah, time for this teacher to get with the real world and learn something new!!!

I set up my account and then asked my principal. She was, of course, hesitant, but after lots of reassurances, she agreed!

Our Tech Guru helped me set up the school program room to Skype! Yay for Help!!!

I asked a few of my teacher friends to join us {our program room is tiny, so only a few classes could join us - but we had approximately 80 students, 4 teachers and a Counselor in on our Skype session}.

Let me say, she is beyond amazing!!!  All 80 students were mesmerized by her talent!  She kept them entertained for 40 solid minutes!  My class normally can not sit still for 40 straight minutes, but with Debbie, they did not have to! She has them moving and grooving!  So awesome!!! 

We had so much fun singing and dancing!  Then they got to ask her questions!  Needless to say they kept asking me for her songs to sing days later! 

I love her blog and her music!    We had sooo much fun!!! Thank you Debbie for Skyping with my students! We  ♥ You! 

Right now, she is giving away a registration to the I Teach K! conference!!! Hurry and go enter!  {Click here or on the picture below}


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