Friday, June 28, 2013

Subitizing {and a Great App!}

Do you know what Subitizing is?  

Subitizing is seeing how many all at once.  So, if a child looks at a bunch of dots, they know the number without having to count.

For some students, this is a very difficult concept.

I liked to play games to get the students to pick up this concept. 

I love "Around the World" - ever heard of it?  

Two children stand at their desks and I hold up a flashcard. The first one to say the answer wins and moves on to the next desk. If they can get all the way around the room, they win. My classes have always loved this game!

But kids are becoming more and more computer oriented. Sometimes I think I need more to keep their attention.

I was recently contacted to look at an app that helps kids learn this concept.

"Counting Together" is awesome!  Check out the creators website {here} and you can check out the free app {here}


 and they have a tutorial {click here}

The app teaches subitizing and also addition. 

It is great for multi-players too! If you play on an iPad, each player has a side of the iPad! {This would be an awesome center rotation!}

If you are looking for more subitizing ideas:

I love this Rock, Paper, Scissors pack from Mrs. Lirette.
Little Miss Kindergarten has some Number Talking Packs! {click the pictures to see more!}


And if you need more Subitizing activities:
* There is a board on Pinterest;  
* Pre-K Pages has a post about subitizing; 
* Math Coach's Corner has a few posts about it; 
* There are some SmartBoard links; 
and if you Google it you will find even more ideas!

Leave me a note and let me know if you have any other Subitizing ideas! I would love to hear them!

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