Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Peek Back and What's up Next!

Wow!  Last Monday was our 20th day of school!
Time is flying - but I am an exhausted Teacher/Mama/Wife! 

Anyone else exhausted?  And I have sooo much to do!  

So, I will be going in this weekend to try to get some things done - because there is just not enough time during the school week!

Here are some pictures of things we did this past week:

Monday was our 20th day and Zero the Hero left my students some great surprises!   {I love this packet from Kreative in Kinder! It has the cutest Zero the Hero ideas! If you haven't started Zero the Hero - it's not too late!}

He left some Cheerios! {Apple because they learned the letter A this week!}

 He also left this cute puppet on each student's desk!

{Finished product! So cute!}

We also did a great Apple graph!
(sorry for the pictures being turned sideways!)

 We tasted green, red and yellow apples!
And graphed our favorites!
We also used our five senses!
And we talked about the properties of the apples!
(size, color, shape, texture)

  I can't remember where I found this graph! If you know, please leave me the link so I can give proper credit!

 We also learned about the number 7!
They colored an apple tree and 
then painted 7 red fingerprints on their tree!

Now, for a peek at next week:
{We have to do our plans in a district based program, so I am giving you a snap shot of the items I will be using next week}

We always love watching Have Fun Teaching,  Harry Kindergarten and KidsTV123! 


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Lori said...

Lots of fun apple learning! I like the Zero the Hero activities too!
Conversations in Literacy

Deedee Wills said...

Yay!! I am NEVER caught up... as you can tell because I am just not getting around to the links! It looks WONDERFUL!

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