Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inexpensive End of Year Teacher Gifts!

Thursday I made my son's teacher her end of the year gift - I was so excited about it that I went ahead and had my son give it to her and I forgot to take a picture - Cracker Jacks! I was so mad at myself - I wanted to rush to her room and ask for it back so I could take a picture, but was afraid she might think I was weird and decided against it!

Well, I got the idea from Teacher Tipster on his Facebook page - (here). I made some labels using Graphics From the Pond Rainbow Days Paper Border. I made them in Word and printed them on Avery Labels 5163 (Shipping Labels). I put M&M's in a cute jar I bought for $2.95 at Wally World. Put the cute poem label on one side and the jar and the You are an M&M Teacher! label on the other side of the jar and a cute ribbon around the lid and Voila! A cute end of the year Teacher Gift! 

My little one loves his teacher so much and is asking to give her another present, so I may make a cute cup for her (check it out here).

If you would like the labels you can download the labels from my TpT store!

What do you do for your child's teacher? :)
Leave me some ideas! or Just leave me some love! :)
(Been needing it lately... But that post is for another day!)

Enjoy! :)

May 2013 Update:  
{you can click here to read this post}

Here is are pictures from the M&M jar I made this year: 


Holly said...

Soooo, cute!!!!! Love Teacher Tipster too...

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Miss Nelson said...

Love these! I am sending you some blog love. Hope you have a relaxing summer break.

Greg said...

Just found your blog and I'm your newest follower! Please check out my new kindergarten blog!

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