Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday freebie!

My sweet little pumpkin had a birthday this week! :)

And of course he had a birthday party - a swimming party! We had fun... until the rain hit! Well, at least they got to swim for an hour and eat cake and open presents, and then the rain hit..... A success none the less and he loved his special day! Yay for little ones! They bring such joy to their mommy! :)

But I digress.... I made a label for his party favor - a easy, cheap party favor that anyone can do! In May I saw lots of "I had a ball in ...." tags and got the idea for his party favor:

The balls came from Target's Dollar Spot and I made the labels and attached them to the front of the packaging. Easy party favor - gotta love that!

If you like it, you can go to my TpT store and download the label for yourself! And while you are there, you are welcome to follow me!


Heather's Heart said...

Happy Birthday to your little one!

That is a cute and easy party favor. Thank you for sharing it sweet friend. =)

Heather's Heart

~DeAnne~ said...

What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing it! :)

Hope your little one enjoyed their party! ;)

First Grade and Fabulous

Sara said...

This is way too cute - and definitely a great party favor! I'm your newest follower :]

Miss V's Busy Bees

Lisa R. said...

Aww happy birthday to your little one!! Thanks for sharing this cute idea!
Learning Is Something to Treasure

mrsjanellebush said...

That is a cute idea! I am now following your blog. Please follow mine too. I would love to share ideas with you.
Mrs. Janelle

Learning with Mrs. Brinn said...

Such a cute blog! Love your line of children and colorful background! cute birthday favor- I'll have to remember that one!

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