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Down on the Farm Blogger Swap and Giveaway!


I am linking up with Mrs. Stanford's Class for a great product swap!
{Warning - This is a long post! But sooo worth it - when you get to the end - there is a surprise!}
I swapped products with Cathy from Mrs. I's Class. I am reviewing her wonderful Down on the Farm Take Home Pack!

Wow! There is so much in this pack!
Cathy included in this packet:

  • A Cover Page for you to include in the take home bag
  • Labels to label your baggies and keep everything organized       (I did not have labels, so I printed them out on card stock, laminated them and taped them to the baggies! They turned out so cute!)
  •  Parent Letter to help explain the packet (with super easy instructions -the parents will love working and having fun with their kids!)

  • Farm Animal Alphabet - Capital and Lowercase

  •   (I sorted them into two baggies so that my parents could work on matching them up, sorting them out, and could easily use as flashcards if needed).

  • Jump Over a Shape

  • Animal Roundup

  • Animal Action Memory

  • Counting on the Farm Reader

  • My Farm List

  • Name That Animal - and -

  • Animal Rhyme Time

  • This packet was originally made as a take home packet to use with any of your favorite farm books! (My favorite is The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown)  But I love that you could also use it as a center activity to practice skills in your classroom!  And I love the cute farm theme! (But I am also a sucker for a cute farm theme!)

    I also love that she included all the Common Core Standards! What a great way to show parents what their child is learning!

    I had my son and his friend play with the packet and they had so much fun!
    {Jump over a shape}

    I let my son and his friend each take turns jumping an animal over a shape. The cards are marked with instructions, so it was easy to figure out what to do.

    {Farm Animal Alphabet}

    They sorted and then matched the capital and lowercase letters.

    Then, I pulled out the Easy button and let them sort the letters back into capital and lowercase. They raced to see who could do it first. The first one to press the easy button won

    {Animal Round up}

    We played another game of sorting. We sorted by how many legs on the animal. {They wanted to race again!} 

    {Animal Action Memory}

    They played memory by matching the animal to the sound it makes.

    {Counting on the Farm reader}

    I laminated the reader and provided a dry erase marker to write in the number word in the book. I love that there are two books per a page! I printed out on card stock. Laminated the pages and then cut in half and stapled! Yay for two books out of one printing! Each boy got their own dry erase marker and book. {Of course, they raced to see who could finish first! I Love the Easy button!}

    Would you like to win one of these awesome packets?
    Mrs. I is giving one away!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    If you don't win or can't wait, you can head to Mrs. I's Class TpT store has the Down on the Farm Take Home Pack for 20% off today and tomorrow!

    Please visit Cathy at Mrs. I's Class. You will love her blog!
    She is so creative and talented - (and she has the cutest freebie!)

    (And today she is reviewing my I Can Read the Alphabet pack - and giving it and her Down on the Farm Take Home Pack away on her blog {so head over and visit her!} - Or you can visit my TpT store - It is on sale today and tomorrow for 20% off!)

    Thank you for visiting today!

    You can see more blog post swaps at Mrs. Stanford's Class!
    Thank you to Mrs. Stanford for this blog swap and thank you to Michelle at The 3am Teacher for making the cute button at the top of this post!


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    Jessica Ann Stanford said...

    What a GREAT product!! Thanks for joining for the swap :) I hope you'll sign up for the next!

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
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