Friday, December 28, 2012

Organization.... Help!

I am linking up with Hope from Second Grade Shenanigans.

She has some great ideas for organizing your classroom!  I love this linky because I need serious help to organize my life! {My husband would also like you to come help me! Any takers?}

I think when I was born the organizational gene was lost in the maternity ward.  I try to organize myself  ~ {I really honestly do}~ But then life takes over and I somehow lose that organization! 


1. I resolve to organize my books in my classroom.  I love First Grade Blue Skies library organizational tips!  This was an easy tip I know I can do!

2.  I resolve to make my teacher drawers cuter!  Kinder Craze has the cutest drawers around!  This Summer I saw her cute sticker organizer and organized my stickers! It has been so great - I am giving out more stickers because I can find the one I want so much faster!

3. I resolve to organize my posters. I love how Growing Kinders organizes her posters - I know I can do this!

The one tip I can share with you is to organize your memory book for your class as the year goes on - It will make it that much easier come May/June.  I have a folder for each student that I keep their items in.  Okay, I am not the best about printing their pictures, but when I find a sale, I print as many as I have at the time! And through Saturday, Dec. 29th - Walgreens has their prints for 9 cents each! Can't beat that deal! So I am uploading and heading to Walgreens today!

Okay, I think I can do 3 new things this year to organize my school life.... Now to organize my home life!
Is anyone willing to come over and organize me? Can you give me any tips? {My husband would greatly appreciate it! He does try to help me on a daily basis!}

Here's to a organized 2013!


Sara Soucy said...

This is what I love about blogging. We can learn so much from each other!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Thank you for the shout out!!
I need to organize my posters and anchor charts, too!!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Sarah said...

I order pictures through They will have a penny prints sale and each print is only a penny. I planned to catch up on picture printing over the break and it hasn't happened yet. I need to get myself organized again too. Happy New Year!

Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

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