Monday, July 15, 2013

Guest Post at Kreative in Kinder ~ Birthdays!

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For my awesome blog followers, I am guest posting at Kreative in Kinder today!

Kreative in Kinder

Last year, to help my students celebrate, I gave each student a birthday crown that was purchased from Oriental Trading.  To make the crowns even cuter, I attached these stars from Laura from Kinder Kraziness   {Note:  I did copy them larger than normal onto yellow construction paper, so the stars would be bigger and stand out more}

{click on the picture to find this freebie in her store
and, if you love them as much as I do, leave her some feedback!}

But, I also LOVE cupcakes! So, I made this little freebie for everyone today to help you celebrate birthdays!   I made them in color and in black and white {you can have your students color them, or you can copy onto different colored construction paper}.

{Note: I always like to write their names and how old they are using a Sharpie on to the star and will probably do the same on the cupcakes.}

I will let my students decide which one they want on their crown {the cupcakes or the stars}.

These would also be great attached to a silly straw, pixie stick, bag of goodies, pencil or just pinned to their shirt!

If you love it, please leave me a note and let me know how you plan to use it! :)

Just click {here} or on the picture above.

And, if today is your birthday,  

Happy Birthday!

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