Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School!

Are you ready for Back to School?

I can't wait for my new Kinders! I am so excited to see their excited, smiling faces! But no.... I am not ready! I have really enjoyed the leisure of sleeping in, playing with my kids and relaxing! 

I love teaching, but if I could come to school at 9:00 am, I would be a much more rested teacher! But since that will never happen, I am going to have to adjust my body this week, during my teacher inservice (and drink lots of coffee!). And speaking of inservice....

I have soooo much to do to get my classroom ready, I am starting to really stress!!! 

I need to finish organizing my room (remember, I moved again!) and decorate! And, I can't forget, I need nameplates, name tags, first week plans,.... Okay, keep calm... It will all work out! 

I do have a couple of back to school packs on sale today and tomorrow (don't forget to use the sale code to get up to 28% off!)
Thanks to Creative Clips (Krista Wallden) for the cute sale picture!

  I updated two of my back to school packs!

If you have purchased either of these packs, you can download all the revisions for free!  

 I added play doh mats!!!

I added more flashcards and assessment pages!

Remember, my whole store is on sale today and tomorrow!
Just don't forget to use the promo code: BTS13

Happy Back to School!


Heather Mathews said...

Oh my goodness, I get you on the classroom thing! I am so not ready ( to even venture in there!)

Good luck getting back on schedule!

Peacocks and Penguins

James Tom said...

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