Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Week and Using Glue in Kinder

We started back to school this past week! 

 This was me after school on Friday! Whew! I was exhausted!
My Kinders were awesome this week! So sweet! So happy! So excited about school! It made for an excellent week!  I was one happy, (but extremely tired), teacher.  My husband says I am out of game shape! It's time for my two-a-days to get me back in game shape!  I know in 9 weeks, I will be back to my normal self! Until then, it's lots of coffee for me!

We learned lots of new procedures in my classroom!  I began teaching Whole Brain Teaching with my Kinders! They are loving it! I am loving it!  They can't wait to learn more!  Another reason I love teaching Kindergarten! They are sponges absorbing everything they hear and loving everything!

On Friday, we decided to have some more fun!  I taught them how to use the glue bottle!

We first read Too Much Glue.
My Kinders were so excited about every page! 
It is the cutest story!  Next, we used a glue page from Primary Press  beginning of school - Let's Get It Started

 After they colored the cute apple, they put glue dots and then I help them glitter. They loved it! {Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the final product! They really turned out cute!}

If you need more help teaching  your class to glue, I have a blog post you can read {here}. 

If  you have already started teaching, I hope this next week is an awesome week for you!  If you haven't started teaching yet, I hope you get rested up for your first week back!

Happy Teaching!!!



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