Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pinkalicious and Conferences!

First Grade Fanatics

First Grade Fanatics has the cutest new unit - Perfectly Pinkalicious! Don't you just want to eat it up?   I LOVE it!  I must admit Pink and Purple are my colors! And I LOVE the Pinkalicious book series! So adorable! So this unit just calls to me! What fun it will be in my classroom!  They were so sweet, they gave away 2 copies and I guessed right, so I got one copy! SO excited! Can't wait to get it and print it out! :)  

Now my excitement is slowing down, because I have to prepare for conferences next week.  We have conferences from 1 - 6:30 next Monday. That means every 15 minutes I will be speaking to my sweet parents about their sweet children. Whew! Exhausting! I have been trying to make positive contact with as many parents as possible so Monday will not be so overwhelming.

A few years ago a teacher friend of mine shared her tips for conferences. One of the big one was to have notes for the parents to take home. This is so helpful!  So each Fall and Spring I type up a list of Strengths and Areas of Concern and give to each parent. If you follow my Scribd account, you probably saw it this Summer when I uploaded it, just waiting to share it with you now. :)

Conference Student Form - Blank

I type up personal notes about each child and give each parent a copy at Conferences. Mrs. Wills has a great form! Take a look at hers also! :)  If you have conferences coming up, wishing you luck and blessings! If you have already had your conferences - Smile and breathe! :)
Have a great week! :)

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JPowell said...

My girls LOVE Pinkalicious and Purplelicious. What a cute unit! I'll have to check it out. I just started following your blog. Love it!:) I am thinking about starting my own..we will see. :)

Good luck with conferences!!


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