Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Heart Your Blog Too!

Wow! Not just one but two awards!!! Wow! I am blessed with such wonderful blog friends! :)

Maggie at Maggie's Kinder Corner Blog is so wonderful and talented and amazing! I LOVE her blog and her wonderfully creative posts! Thank you Maggie for Hearting me! :) This award makes my heart and face smile! :)

Allison at Climbing the Monkey Bars! is also amazing, creative and talented! She is so sweet to leave me such positive uplifting words! And she also gave me this sweet Blog award!  Thank you Allison! You have really made my heart and my face smile! :) 

Both websites have wonderful freebies all the time! If you have not checked them out, please follow them... You will be glad you did! They are AMAZING! :)

I am super touched! Especially since I have been MIA lately! Sorry about that. I will try to do better in the future! Now, I am supposed to pick 10 blogs I Heart and award them this sweet and special award... Wow! So hard! I have learned so much from so many of you! I love every blog I read! You inspire me to be a better, more positive teacher and person! I have been so blessed to learn so much this year! I learn daily from each of you and can not wait to learn more! Thank you to everyone who visits my blog! EXTRA SPECIAL thank you to those that leave me wonderful words of encouragement! So sweet, inspiring and uplifting! Thank you Maggie and Allison and thanks to everyone for helping me be a better teacher! :)


It's me...Maggie at MKC! said...

Hi! I am trying to keep up with my RTI group and my regular class, so it has been hectic this year! I also have a group, sweet as they are..., that require constant monitoring, so it has been a slow go getting stations to run smoothly. Can't wait til they are more independent! Have a good rest of the week!

Pam said...

I am so excited to see all of your followers! Keep up the great work. It has been a crazy year... I just got out of a meeting for a child that lasted 2 hours... Is it something in the water this year? :) Wanted to let you know I posted the vocabulary words on my blog this afternoon... Come over and get them!

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