Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blogger Product Swap with Innovative Connections

Innovative Connections


I am linking up with Mrs. Stanford's Class for a great product swap! I swapped products with Ann Marie at Innovative Connections. I am reviewing her wonderful Don't You See Subjects & Verbs Must Agree? 216 Cards-Sentence Parts!.

Wow! There are 216 Sentence Part Cards:
15 pages - 60 Subject Cards
15 pages - 60 Verb Cards (Action and linking)
10 pages - 40 Prepositional Phrase Cards
10 Pages - 40 Modifier Cards (Adjectives and Adverbs) 
and 4 pages - 16 Conjunction Cards (Coordinating and Correlative)

 I love that Ann Marie has made it so easy to use and understand! The directions are super simple and, after printing, my sweet 8th Grade daughter had fun using this awesome pack!  Even though it is summer, I think she enjoyed helping her Mom (and it kept her away from annoying her little brother for a little while).

My daughter helped me cut out all the parts of speech:

Next, we sorted out the different parts of speech and she had fun making sentences! (She loved the that the subject was current with today and she could pick out fun topics) She next made a sentence
(silly, but fun! - The Smurfs giggle carelessly in the shade.) 

Next, she recorded her sentence on the recording page (that you can download at Ann Marie's blog post) and she labeled the different parts of speech.

Wow! I love that this packet is so versatile! I can see a 3rd Grade Teacher using it all the way to an 8th Grade English Teacher! It would also be great for Home schooled students and great for parents to purchase to help their child review during the summer months! (I know me and my daughter had to think sometimes about labeling the different parts of speech - really helped dust off our brains!)

I love this product! My daughter had fun sorting the parts of speech and making sentences.  This would be a great center for all grade levels and I can see teachers using it and pairing students up or having students work in groups to practice working on subject/verb agreement. Of course, it would make a great stand alone individual center as well!

Please visit Ann Marie at Innovative Connections. You will love all that she has to offer! She is so creative and talented!

(And today she is reviewing my new product at my TpT store!)

You can also find her at:


Thank you for visiting today!

*I am also visiting Kreative in Kinder today - Go visit! I have a freebie for you! :) *
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Thank you to Mrs. Stanford for this blog swap and thank you to Michelle at The 3am Teacher for making the cute button at the top of this post!



Jessica Ann Stanford said...

What an excellent product!!!

✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
❤ I hope you liked the swap enough to join for the next one!! Check out my post for the link to the form :)

Jen said...

You have the cutest blog around! I just love it!

Jen's Kinder Kids

A M Smith said...

Thanks so much for writing a wonderful post! I appreciate it!
Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections

Kate said...

What a great product for teaching the concept, reviewing, and challenging! Thanks for reviewing it!

Second Grade Sparkle

city said...

thanks for share.

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