Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made It!

I am linking up with Tara from the 4th Grade Frolics for my very first Monday Made it! (warning - this is a long post! I am sorry in advance!)

I finally made my crate seats! I have been wanting to make them all summer, but never took the time!  {I got my inspiration for these from What the Teacher Wants!A sale at Joann's  Fabric got me moving to make these great seats! I got the material 50% off and the foam 50% off! I already had the crates, so my next stop was to Lowe's to get the wood. I bought a sheet of 1/2" plywood for around $13 (but I got 21 boards out of it!) and they cut it for me for free! I just brought in my crate and they helped me measure and figure out the size I needed. 

First, I gathered all my materials.
  • 1" thick foam
  • 1/2" wood cut to size
  • 1 1/2 yards of fabric (I used oil cloth for durability)
  • file crate
  • spray glue
  • scissors
  • staple gun and staples
  • ribbon (I haven't done that step yet - but you will want it)

Next, I cut out my foam. I place the board on top and traced around it. I used scissors to cut out the size I needed.

Then, I took my boards and the cut foam outside and sprayed the glue onto the wood and laid the foam on top and then pressed it on. I let it dry for a couple of hours.

Now it was time to cover them! I brought the boards inside had to figure out how to cut the material, without ruining it. I do not sew, so I called my mother-in-law for tips. She suggested I use newspaper and make a pattern. Easy Peasy!

I cut out the material, laid the wood/foam on  top and pulled it tight and stapled (I didn't have a helper, so I didn't get any pictures of me stapling, sorry!)

(If I had ribbon, I would staple ribbon over the fabric and staple it underneath - this will make it easy to lift the top off)

Ta Da!

Okay - If I can do it - so can you!

Now, let's see if I can get in my classroom to drop these off.
(I hope they are finally done cleaning!)
I think my husband is tired of looking at all my teacher supplies!

Go visit Tara and see what inspires you!
Happy Monday!


amy said...

I think your crates are beautiful!
Where Seconds Count

Kristen said...

Those came out awesome!!!

Andi said...

I really like the fabric you picked for your seats. Great Job! They're so cute.

Lisa R. said...

Your crate seats came out awesome!! I love your fabric choice too! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Diving Into Learning said...

I love the fabric!

Diving Into Learning

Brandi said...

Love your seat crates...they turned out awesome!

Success in Second Grade
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Kristen Crisp said...

Wow! Great job! You are making me think that I could even do this with your great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

I do, We Do, You Do!

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