Sunday, November 11, 2012

CAST and Thanksgiving

I am sooo sorry I have been MIA!  A few teachers from my school and myself went to Texas CAST {Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching} conference {you can also learn more at STAT} this past week! It was an amazing and fast 3 days!  I had sooo much fun, but missed my family soooo much!

I went to a workshop on magnets and got some great ideas!  We got to play with magnets the presenter purchased at Radio Shack. We put them on a pencil  - opposite sides so they would bounce on the pencil. My Kinders will love this trick! We talked about why they didn't stick together {different poles} -  you can find the trick {here}.  We also used a balance and put a plastic cup on one side and a magnet under the balance and in the cup on one side {all on the right side of the balance} and then washers on the other side {left side of the balance}. We had to  put a washer in until the magnets no longer stuck together. It was interesting to see how many people had different answers. {and I just love going to workshops that are hands on and you are learning!}

I also went to a workshop on Energy. The presenter had all her stations set up for her 5th grade class. They rotate through the stations. It was fun to see how different things work and why!  She told us about this website where she gets all her materials {National Energy Education Development Project}.

In the Exhibit hall I found the ETA VersaTiles for Kinder! I am in LOVE! They have the VersaTiles Readiness Kit for Kinder and would sooo love some! I did get a free sample I can't wait to show my Kinders! They are going to love it! :)

I also go to play with a Zoomy from Learning Resources!  Another thing to add to my wishlist! {Okay Santa, are you listening?}

This week I will be working on my Thanksgiving items: place mats, Native American vests, pilgrim hats, and turkeys!  We have our Thanksgiving Feast in a week and a half! So much to do.... so little time!

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Holly said...

Hey Chicklet,
When did this new look happen? I'm loving it - how did I miss it??!?!?!


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