Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love for Issy Books!

I was recently asked to review some Issy Books {check out their website}. After receiving these sweet readers, I could not wait to take them back to my classroom and have my class read them! They are precious!  They are the perfect size for little hands. The words are clear and just right for some of my little Kinders!  And we love the adorable illustrations!

First, let me tell you about the sweet author!  {her picture is above}

Here is the press release they sent me:

"Compass, the educational imprint of Brigantine Media, announces the release of the Issy Books, written by Pat Calfee and illustrated by Isybilla Gee. The first eleven Issy Books (trade paper, 12 pages each, $6.25 each) became available nationwide March 1, 2013.
            The Issy Books are for “emergent readers”—children who are just beginning to learn to read. The books are written by educational consultant and teacher Pat Calfee, and are illustrated by Pat’s five-year-old granddaughter, Issy. Like the children who read the Issy Books, Issy herself is just learning to read, and her ever-present optimism and charm shine through her art. Issy draws and paints from her imagination and from life, using animals, flowers, and the world around her as reference.
Her grandmother, Pat Calfee—whom Issy affectionately refers to as "Gigi"—writes the stories that Issy illustrates. Using sight words, controlled vocabulary, and illustrations to support the beginning-level stories, the Issy Books are specifically designed to engage young minds in reading. Picture clues and predictable text help early readers gain confidence in their new reading skills.
The first ten Issy Books tell the stories of different animals, such as Snappy the crab, Oscar the octopus, and Bam Bam the dog. The books are available in sets of 5 books (ISBNs 978-1-9384061-3-3 and 978-1-9384061-4-0) and 10 books (ISBN 978-1-9384061-5-7), and are packaged in a clear carry tote, sized for young hands. The eleventh book, “Meet Issy” (ISBN 978-1-9384061-6-4), lets readers learn about the young illustrator herself.
These emergent readers are different from any others because their characters are created by a child of the same age as those reading the book. The Issy Books are meant to be read again and again. Readers of all ages will delight in the stories this young artist and her grandmother tell about the animals that inhabit their imaginations."
Wow! What talent at such a young age!

Your class or child will love these books!  My class loves these books!

I have made it one of my reading centers and it is one of their favorite centers! They love to read them!

If you would like to get your child or class a set of these books, they are available at their website or  Amazon!

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