Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Weather!

In like a Lion and out like a lamb!

Living in Texas, we can expect warmer weather... so 70's in January is not shocking.  But now it's March.  It is windy - I am talking really windy! Hold on to your skirts and hats windy!

We had a rodeo today... outside - two hours! My kiddos made cute cowboy and cowgirl hats... They had to run after them because the wind stole them off their heads! {But it was super fun!}

So, last Friday, March 1st, we were learning about the letter L and we were learning about weather, and we read

and we made {from Miss Kindergarten - click here to check it out at her TpT store}
{I love making her crafts! The kids have fun, they learn something new, they get to practice writing... It is a win-win!}

And since I was taking pictures {with my phone - so please excuse the blurry pictures}

I finally took pictures of the cute bear craft we made for Valentines!
(we were also learning the letter B, so it worked out perfect!)
{Also from Miss Kindergarten - you can click here to get it from her TpT store}

(and she did not pay me to say these things - I just Love her crafts!)


Sue Cahalane said...

Hi Cheryl, I love the lion/lamb craftivity - so cute, thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower!
Science for Kids Blog

Miss Kindergarten said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I don't know which ones I like more!!! The valentine's bears turned out SO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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