Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day!

April 22nd - Earth Day!  What a great day to get your class excited about taking care of our natural resources!  Even though this was officially our Science for the day, I tried to include it in some of our other areas today!

We talked about what was recycling and where we have to go to recycle in our town (we don't have curb side service - we have to take it to a container in town where a larger company comes and picks it up). We also talked about what you can recycle.

Then we talked about items that could be reused. I gave my class the challenge of reusing some items in their home to make crafts or projects. {I hope they bring some in to share with our class!}

We also discussed reducing the amount of water and electricity we use everyday {even in the classroom} - what we could do to help save our planet!

We also went to and clicked on their Earth Day picture (bottom right) and read the story and played the game on our SmartBoard. They loved it!

We then read this book, Dinosaurs to the Rescue! and talked about what we could do to help save our natural resources (like cutting off lights, turning off the water, and so on).

Next, we made this craft that I saw on The First Grade Parade! It was so cute, I knew I wanted to make it with my class! (and they did such a good job!)

What a fun day it was!  I hope you enjoyed your Earth Day! Did you have some fun activities planned? Leave me a note! I would love to hear what fabulous activities you had planned for today!

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